First Day

Heart palpitating, palms sweating…

Actually, everything sweating.


Do I look all right,

Or is this shirt too bright?


I wonder if they’ll talk to me,

Or simply let me be…


I’m not really sure which I’d prefer.


Will I be able to find my way,

Or will my nerves lead me astray?


Trying to hold back the tears

And not let them see all my fears.


As always there’s a complication,

My name isn’t there or there’s a mispronunciation.


Here we go again.


I raise my hand up in the air,

Trying to ignore all those eyes that stare.


I tell the teacher about my name,

Thinking how many times must I do the same?


The day finally draws to a close,

And the relief inside me grows.


At least I made it through today.


2 thoughts on “First Day

  1. Now I think I understand what all those new kids in grade school must have felt, coming into the class and facing the rest of us … sizing each other up, wondering about each other. I remember one girl who was from the South and had an accent that made her instantly one of the “popular” kids. It didn’t hurt that she was pretty. Aren’t we glad we aren’t in school any more???


    1. Oh those first days were tough! And there were always the ones who were instantly one of the popular kids – that was not me, but I never minded. Once you were settled in, there was all sorts of fun and good memories to make. But still, it is nice not to be the new kid anymore…Not until there’s a new job or moving to a new place! But it’s a different kind of ‘new kid’ then, I suppose 🙂


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