Sadly, #TCKchat officially ended in November 2016. We loved all of the wonderful interactions, funny conversations and insightful discussions we had. Thanks to all who participated; we’ll miss you!

You can still find me on twitter @DouniaB_TCK. Hope to chat with you there!


#TCKchat is a monthly Twitter event that allows Third Culture Kids/Adult Third Culture Kids around the world to connect and discuss topics related to their experiences. This Twitter chat brings together TCKs of all ages and backgrounds: it is a community where TCKs can be themselves, share their stories and be accepted as they are.

Each session of #TCKchat lasts one hour, and the discussions are insightful, humorous, informative and supportive. Don’t worry if you miss a chat – you can always catch up with the highlights (usually available the following day).

I love being a co-host of #TCKchat and the connections it has allowed me to make. The more the merrier at #TCKchat, so I hope to see you at future chats!

Want to join us? Just search for #TCKchat on twitter. You can also follow me @DouniaB_TCK.




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