Early Summer Sights

It may have taken a while to get here after a long winter and short spring, but thankfully summer is just beginning… I’m looking forward to many more sunny days, walks in the evening, beautiful sunsets and hopefully some much-longed for beach time. For now, I leave you with a few shots of some early summer sights!

Happy summer to all (or happy winter, for those in the Southern hemisphere!)



6 thoughts on “Early Summer Sights

  1. I love the shots of the geese! Doesn’t it feel like nature is finally taking a deep breath and saying, “ahhhhh! at last!!!” ?


    1. That little family of geese was adorable to watch! 🙂 Yes, it definitely feels like nature is finally taking a deep breath and feeling free to stretch its branches and wings! Thanks for your comment, as always, Paige, and I hope you’re doing well!


    1. Ah yes, summer is on its way out, but thankfully not quite finished yet! We actually had a relatively cool summer, then suddenly we’re hit with a heat wave for 3-4 days, then back down. But the leaves have already started changing color, which is super early. The weather is just going nuts, methinks… By the way, checking my email this morning and seeing all these comments from you was awesome! 🙂


      1. Aah, I miss autumn. Like a real autumn. In Qatar we have very hot summers (no surprise) and a rather lovely spring and cool fall/winter. But nothing like the changing leaves and the colors that come with it. That’s what I miss, and that’s what I loved when I was in Canada.


        1. Oh I know what you mean. Autumn is my favorite season here in the New England – it’s so beautiful and it takes my breath away every year! I’ll miss it very much whenever the time comes that we move somewhere else…


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