“If You Wish to be a Writer, Write…”*

Twenty-nine years. I don’t know exactly how many of those have been spent writing, but I know it’s many of them.

I started keeping my first diary in elementary school and although my writing notebook isn’t a diary it’s still a journal of sorts. I don’t remember when I wrote my first poem but I know for sure that I have been writing poetry since middle school. Many of the themes are still the same – love, nature, growing up a Third Culture Kid… Although the way I write about them has definitely evolved and matured since those first poems!

I’ve written for a long time and I hope to keep writing for much longer. It brings me a joy and a comfort that I don’t often find elsewhere… And writing has carried me through many ups, downs and transitions. This blog is proof of that as I started it after one of my biggest transitions, and it has been a constant source of inspiration and comfort. It has kept me busy and connected, at a time when I felt otherwise idle and lonely. It has opened the door to many wonderful people and many unexpected opportunities.

Writing continues to be such a source of joy and I hope it always will be. Thank you for following me on my journey. Thank you for your support, your company, your comfort and your inspiration.

Here’s to many more years of writing – about love, nature, being a Third Culture Kid and everything else in between.

“You can make anything by writing.”  C.S. Lewis


(* Epictetus)


4 thoughts on ““If You Wish to be a Writer, Write…”*

  1. Preach it, girl. I know exactly what you’re talking about. Writing is a gift, and one you use wonderfully well. I’m glad to have discovered you through it!


    1. Thanks so much, Hala! Your comment is awesome and I appreciate it very much 🙂 I’m so happy I discovered you too, through our shared gift. Looking forward to reading and sharing more!


  2. “It brings me joy and comfort”, those words ring so true Dounia and the wonderful thing about writing is once we commit to it, those feelings multiply. Nicely written!


    1. Thanks, Terry Anne! You’re absolutely right – once we start writing we do feel even more joy and comfort. And it feels even better to say “I’m a writer”, doesn’t it? 🙂


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