The Hidden Story

I started this blog to share my experiences growing up as a third culture kid and trying to navigate life as an adult third culture kid. Lately I had started wondering if I was still doing that or if my blog had moved away from its initial purpose and goal. I thought about all that and more for quite some time, not sure where to go from there…

My blog does have a whole mix of things: posts specifically on being a TCK/ATCK, photography, poetry, posts of simple observations and memories… It does not follow a simple straight line – it twists and turns, sometimes ending up in an unexpected place. Growing up as a TCK, I quickly learned that life does not follow an easy linear path. There will always be unexpected curves and surprises. I am learning that life as an adult third culture kid has just as many (if not more) challenges and hidden turns. That is what this blog has always been about, even when I didn’t fully realize it.

The blog posts that are not specifically about growing up as a TCK or adapting as an ATCK may seem out of place, but actually they are a very important part of my journey. They are how I see my current world and how I feel about this particular home. I realized that the posts I initially thought were deviations from my original purpose were, in fact, simply part of the story. They were just telling a different side of it.


6 thoughts on “The Hidden Story

  1. One of the things I’m constantly realizing as I get older is that there’s never a time when we feel like “OK, all done, got to my destination now, end of journey’. I thought that after university maybe I’d feel that way, or after getting my first job, or after getting married, but no. The journey just continues, with new twists and unexpected obstacles and long stretches of smooth sailing (sorry I’m mixing metaphors), and it’s quite wonderful that way! Thanks again for a beautiful and thought-provoking post, Dounia!


    1. I guess it holds true then that it’s the journey that matters and not necessarily the destination. I agree with you completely that it’s quite wonderful that way – all of the twist, turns, surprises obstacles, smooth sailing… They’re all part of the journey and what makes us who we are. I love that and despite any challenges that come along, I wouldn’t have it any other way! I’m very happy you liked this post, and I absolutely loved your comment!


  2. We all have our story to tell .. and I think you’re telling yours very well. So what if there are twists and turns and side streets to your blog? That’s life, no matter if you’re a TCK or not. And that is what keeps things interesting in both cases. Don’t question yourself – just keep doing what you’re doing, it’s always a pleasure to read. Happy Thanksgiving!


    1. Thanks, Paige 🙂 What you said about life having twists and turns, no matter if you’re TCK or not is so true. And that’s the realization I came to when I was pondering on my blog and whether I stayed true to my original goal or whether to start a new one… But it’s always so great to have comments like this which help motivate so much. Knowing that others choose to read what I write and have something to say about it is such a wonderful feeling. So thank you for reading and for always having such lovely comments; they’re much appreciated! And happy thanksgiving to you too! 🙂


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