Reflections on a Winter’s Day


9 thoughts on “Reflections on a Winter’s Day

  1. The second to last photo is my favorite – beautiful! How did you fare during this last storm? We got practically nothing up here but I guess south of us was hit hard. I was thinking of you! Thanks for posting these!


    1. Thanks, Paige! 🙂 We got several inches, but it didn’t last very long (and it didn’t feel like much after 30+ inches!). It did make for some more beautiful photos though 🙂 All of these photos, except for the last one, are in MA actually, near Boston. I just loved the reflections on the water! I hope you’re doing well, and that you don’t get too much of this bad weather we’re expecting for tonight/tomorrow morning!


      1. The weatherman says 8-14″ here … hard to take when you’re looking forward to spring. Guess I’ll just keep taking snow photos!


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