Downhill Adventures: Present

These first two months of the year have passed by in a whirlwind. We’re almost in March and I haven’t even realized that February had time to come and go. I’m 2 weeks away from turning 28 and I can’t believe I’ve already spent a year at 27. I hadn’t been skiing in at least 6 years, my husband had never skied in his life, and suddenly, on a whim, we went skiing in January. And since then, he’s been itching to go again – unfortunately weather and other factors have made that impossible so far, but hopefully we’ll go again soon!

In the meantime, here are a few words and photos about our first time skiing together (and just overall first time on the slopes for my husband!).


As I mentioned in my earlier post about skiing, I ski, I don’t snowboard. I went from normal skis to snow blades, but it is still skiing. I have never tried snowboarding. Maybe someday I will, but I’m not so sure. There’s just something about having both of my feet stuck on one board that just worries me. Oddly enough, however, what scares me about snowboarding is what reassured my husband: he preferred the idea of having his 2 feet on one board and thought it was disconcerting to have them on 2 separate ones. I was very amused by our complete opposite views on that and also impressed that he was brave enough to try it out. He just threw himself right into his snowboarding lesson, and thank goodness he did. He loved every second of it. He even surprised his instructor by picking everything up so quickly, really being at ease on the snowboard and hardly falling throughout our hours of snow fun.

While he continued his lesson, I took a lesson of my own. Sure, I had skied nearly every year for most of my life, but it had been at least 6 years since the last time I was on the slopes, and this was a totally new place for me. Having an instructor for the first hour turned out to be really great as it let me find my ski groove again, get some helpful tips on my form and relax my nerves too. I was definitely nervous after so many years without skiing, but it was a wonderful feeling to ski again. It was freeing and invigorating. It was so much fun to go down a few slopes with my husband and to share those feelings with him. It was great to watch him snowboard and see him be so natural at it. Watching the exhilarating joy he felt coming down the slopes reminded me of what I loved about skiing, and what I had missed these past years.

What I love most about skiing is the feeling of freedom when you’re gliding down the slopes. It’s that peacefulness of forgetting everyone around you, just hearing the sounds of the snow crunching under your blades, the sun warming your face and sparkling on the snow crystals. It’s also the sense of accomplishment at the end of a day of skiing; the gratifying feel of tired muscles after a hard day of play. The accompanying serenity of a day of fresh air and the peaceful happiness it provides. It’s an indescribable feeling, and it’s beautiful.

And I know my husband felt it too that day.



4 thoughts on “Downhill Adventures: Present

  1. Great post – for someone who has never skied, you really make it sound inviting! (And we certainly have plenty of snow this February!) You’ve probably heard this before, but the years go by more quickly the older you get – I first heard this at 30 and found it was frighteningly true. Save as much as you can in photos and text and one day you may be happy you did. You’re good at this!


    1. Although I skied a lot when I was a kid, I only truly started enjoying it in my late teens/early twenties, and I guess not having skied in many years, I appreciate it even more now since I’ve had time to miss it! And I have heard that before, about the years going by more quickly…As much I’m surprised at just how quickly, I’m excited about what’s to come 🙂 And I’ll definitely make sure to take a lot of photos and do a lot of writing along the way! Thanks for the lovely motivating to keep going! 🙂


  2. sounds like both of you enjoyed the adventure. And great photos. Not sure I’ll get on skis this year, but I want to at some point. Right now, I’m tired of winter and want warm weather.


    1. Thanks! I didn’t take too many photos, so I’m happy the few I did came out alright 🙂 Oddly enough, despite all the snow we got recently and the cold temperatures, I’m not too tired of winter (but that might just be my fear of spring allergies talking…). 😉 Fingers crossed that you get your warm weather soon!


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