Il Camposanto

This second photo post of Pisa is exclusively about my favorite monument of the Piazza dei Miracoli: the Camposanto. In my opinion, it is the most unexpected and unique structure of all these beautiful and historic monuments. The sculptures in the Camposanto are so lifelike, from the folds of the clothes to the beautiful expressions on the faces and the frescoes just took my breath away – they were very possibly my favorite part of the Camposanto.

But enough words (for this time), I’ll just let the photos do the talking…

Leonardo Fibonacci

4 thoughts on “Il Camposanto

    1. It is simply breathtaking. I loved it there! I hadn’t even heard of that monument in Pisa (I had heard of the tower, the cathedral etc), and it was my favorite one, by far. It was so peaceful and the long, arched structure is so graceful. I really wanted to share photos of the Camposanto because it really is such a beautiful place, so I’m happy you enjoyed them!


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