Mystery Memories: Part 1

Purple and pink bougainvilleas covering the walls of houses and filling gardens with bursts of color. Oh, how I remember those beautiful flowers so vividly. I remember the delight I felt when I discovered that they bloom in orange and white too. I associate those colors of bougainvillea with the seaside for some reason…

The two majestic volcanoes that keep guard over the city – a weeping warrior and his lost love. I loved the ancient myths we learned while living here, about the founding of this city and about the sun and the moon. The stories are so beautiful and filled with pride and a deep magic. Maybe I’ll share them here someday.

A bright blue house that we often walked past and imagined stories around it – it was a family daydream.

The day of the dead celebrations, where the city erupted in color and festivities. Skulls and skeletons weren’t spooky, but instead were colorful, joyous…and tasty. Sugar skulls were distributed to kids and the bakeries made their famous (and delicious!) ‘Pan de los Muertos’. It was such a surprise the first year, but it’s such a special celebration and what it stands for is truly beautiful.

Sitting atop the pyramid of the sun, 365 steep steps later, exhausted but pleased, surveying the view and the pyramid of the moon across the path. I loved to look at all the little stands selling replicas of the pyramids in different materials and sizes. There were clear glass ones, but a bluish glass that was beautiful and delicate. But my favorite ones were made of obsidian. That stone is common in this country, and it is absolutely stunning, in my opinion. It is such a unique stone: a rich, glittering black, with shimmering undertones of gold.

And the food…the food from this country is known worldwide, but the watered down version eaten elsewhere will never match up to the real thing. The flavors are magnificent. The quesadillas you could buy while strolling down a cobblestone street in a small town – they were delectable. They were made on a hot stone, often by an old lady sitting on the ground, and they were handed to you with the cheese still bubbling. They were just the right amount of crunchy and the cheese was melted just perfectly. I could probably do an entire (and lengthy) post just on the food from this wonderful nation, but for now, I’ll leave you with that little image. Oh, one more thing though on the food before moving on: it was the first place I tasted avocado, and I fell in love with it. They put it on almost everything there. Lucky me.

The people of this country are so warm and welcoming; their culture is endlessly rich and fascinating.

And more than anything, what remains with me from this country are the colors. Bright, warm, and everywhere. Colors more vivid than I could have imagined, from the flowers, to the house, and clothes, rugs…even the stones of the jewelry, with the bright colors of jade and turquoise.

There is so much more that I could say about this country, but these memories are what come to mind now.

Do you know which country it is?


6 thoughts on “Mystery Memories: Part 1

  1. Thank you for such a wonderful “tripette”. I could guess the country, but I like to leave it to the imagination, it’s more fun that way.


  2. I do not know which country this is, but I think now I’d like to go there… I want to photograph everything you mentioned! Your writing is so visually rich……!


    1. Thank you for your lovely comment, as always! I’ll wait and see if anyone else takes a guess soon, and then if not, I’ll spill the beans on which country it is 😉


    1. So true…something, or someone that turned 18 today 😉 That’s the most important thing that remains from there!! Changed our lives for the better and made the past 18 years more fun than ever! 🙂


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