A Reawakening

The birds chirp joyfully and gracefully glide from one tree to another.

The trees begin to gain back some color, rosy buds making them blush in the glowing sunlight.

The daffodils and crocuses are a welcome dash of color and brightness after the drab grayness of winter.

The laughter of children floats up to my windows; they are excited and eager to stretch their legs, no longer cooped up inside.

The shouts of the boys mingle with the singsong voices of the girls, putting a smile on my face.

The windows are wide open and a breeze carrying lovely promises for the days to come floats into our home.

The breeze that dances through my windows is a gentle caress, and no longer the biting wind of winter.

The undergrowth of the forest is no longer simply brown and gray – young, bright green shoots are sprouting out from under the dead, dry leaves.

The sky is a deeper blue; the glow of the sun is brighter and more golden.

The days are longer, the sun is warmer; everything is reawakening, eager to greet the days ahead.

The long wait is finally over.

Welcome back, spring.

2 thoughts on “A Reawakening

    1. I’ll do my best! 🙂 Unfortunately this was more accurate last week…this week, not so much! It got really cold this week and we’re feeling winter’s sting again – I guess winter couldn’t go without a fight! 😉


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