Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend

The crisp, cold air stings my face and makes my eyes water, but I don’t mind. Even if I have moments when I long for spring and summer, I do love winter. The naked branches dance against the sky; they are nature’s work of art, as if they were painted or drawn with ink. The beautiful stillness and quiet when it snows is one of my favorite things of winter. Perhaps everyone is watching with wonder in their eyes, or perhaps the falling snow muffles any sound; whatever the reason, the silence is part of the beauty, part of the spectacle. Following the magic of those spectacular snowflakes floating to the ground is the sparkly winter wonderland of a world seemingly encrusted with glittering diamonds.

Does anything look cleaner or more pure than freshly fallen snow?

This is the first time in a very long time that I’m living in a place where snow is usual for the winter. The last time I lived in a city with a snowy winter I was a little girl, living in Wisconsin. When you’re a kid, you never think of the ‘nuisance’ parts of cold, snowy winters – clearing the cars and driveways, or the ice on the streets – you only think of the magical aspect of it. It’s all about the beautiful snowflakes falling from the sky, the sparkling white snow to play in, the snowmen and snow caves, eating the snow, sledding, snow angels and snowball fights…and delicious hot chocolate after all that exhilarating fun.

That’s how I remember my winters as a little girl. My sister and I would get so excited when the snowflakes began to fall. We couldn’t wait to get all bundled up and run outside, mouths open to catch the falling snow. We loved to catch the snowflakes on our gloves and admire their beautiful and unique shapes – after all, no two snowflakes are alike! We would drop in the snow and make snow angels; we would have snowball fights with mom and dad. One time, our neighbors helped us build a snow cave with a tunnel – that was awesome, trust me. One of my all time favorite things was to eat the snow. I could just sit down and happily eat it, for quite some time. Sure, it’s just water in one of its many forms, but it’s snow. Enough said. Something else I loved in the winter: seeing our husky appear out of nowhere in the white expanse. When my dad would call him, a head would suddenly pop out of the snow in some part of the yard. He would dig himself a hole to curl up in, then it would snow over him and he’d be completely covered. He loved the snow, but did refuse to pull our sled. Adamantly refused. If we ever put the sled rope around his neck, he would sit down and refuse to budge. We never minded – his reaction made us laugh. And he loved playing with us in the snow, as long as we weren’t trying to make him pull our sled! Besides, we would sled down the 2-3 steps of our back porch, and even if it wasn’t much of a slope, it was enough for us. Our back yard was a vision in white: a huge expanse of glittering, dazzling snow, like sparkling diamonds, and we loved it.

Snow also makes me think of our time in Montreal at Christmas, and all the time spent playing outside with our cousins. Back then you were sure to always have a very white Christmas, which meant we would be out in the snow as much as possible. We would build fortresses, we would throw snowballs, and we would sit and happily eat the snow when recovering our energy after a more strenuous activity. We would spend hours at a time outside, often only coming in when our moms came looking for us, convinced the snow had managed to get inside our gloves, socks, jackets (everywhere basically), and that we were most likely soaked through with freezing toes and fingers. They were generally correct, even if we would never admit it. Then we’d all trample home, usually leaving a trail of snow behind us, and continue our chatting and games over a wonderful cup of hot chocolate. The next day we would be ready for our fun again, basking in the glow of the sun and the brightness of the snow, glittering like precious gems. It was blissful and I will forever keep wonderful memories of those days.

Even as I’ve gotten older I’ve never lost the excitement and wonder I felt when I would see the snowflakes start falling. I’ll still play in the snow – just a couple of years ago, when we had an unexpected snowstorm in France, my brother, husband and I went outside with our current husky, and we had a blast. Our husky was so excited to be out in all that snow, he was running everywhere, so happy to be part of our games. We threw snowballs, we ate some snow, we made snow angels, and the guys were even brave enough (or crazy?) to let themselves fall face-first in the snow. I couldn’t bring myself to do it, but it was hilarious to watch! Snow has provided me with hours and hours of pure, blissful and heart-warming fun and I look forward to the many hours still waiting to be filled with wintry joy.

Snow will always bring a smile to my face and I can’t wait to play in it again – with my husband, my siblings, my cousins, and eventually, with my kids. That glittering gem of nature will always be this girl’s favorite type of diamond.


18 thoughts on “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend

    1. Thank you so much, I really appreciate your comment! 🙂 I’m happy you stopped by and that you enjoyed the post. I came across your blog today from Jacqueline’s post (6 months to live) and your blog is really great – looking forward to reading more!


  1. Loved reading the post Dounpoun; it made me relive all those great memories you were talking about 🙂 and it’s always fun to realize when we’ve remembered them the same way.


    1. I love when you comment on my blog!! And I love it even more when you tell me you remember things the same way 😀 I had a such a good time writing this post and remembering all that…I could probably have gone on and on even more – surtout avec les cousins, that was SO much fun!! 😀


      1. ok, just saw that when i thought i was replying to you i actually posted something new … so my reply is at the bottom. can you tell i don’t usually post things??


  2. A very well written post! Just like you, I absolutely adore snow. I prefer to be in the snow than in the heat! Although living in places such as London and the South of France hasn’t really done much for my snow obsession 😉


    1. Thanks, I’m really happy you enjoyed it 🙂 I’ve tested it all out – very cold winters, very mild winters, none at all (tropical country), and then the first few years in France we didn’t have much snow, but the last few winters have seen quite a bit…and now back to proper winters (well, usually, not so much this year) in CT. It’s fun, but I do miss France! But it’s just important to make the best of whatever we have and wherever we are in the moment, and I love all 4 seasons, so I’m happy to enjoy each and every one of them here 🙂


  3. Just saw your reply! promise i’ll try and comment more often especially since they often make me react or think of something … and then i don’t tell you. i know, how useful (bad, lazy sister). but i do agree, some of the best moments is with the cousins behind teta’s building, and that tunnel in front of the house… just evoking bits of some of them brings a lot of it back! xx


    1. Please do comment more often, it’s so lovely!! 😀 I love writing these things because they bring up so many great memories that I love thinking about. Oh, those hills behind teta’s building…how many wonderful hours did we spend there?! 🙂 And that tunnel the neighbor’s kids built was too cool – I still wonder how they did it… 😀


    1. Thanks for your comment! I know exactly what you mean about that first snow – it was always so magical. I always want to go outside and be a kid when I see that it’s snowing 🙂


  4. After living in Egypt and Spain, our first Christmas in Germany was quite a shock: all that snow!! My sister and I ran out to the garden to roll around in this foreign (to us) white stuff, taste it, and build things out of it. At school there was a great slope we slid down on plastic bags amid screams of laughter- it was MAGIC! So I’m with you on the wonder of snow, and with the joy of sharing it with little kids- they are the perfect excuse for us grown-ups to be kids again!


    1. I love reading the stories you leave in your comments! Something about snow really is magical, and I always feel like a little girl again when I see the snowflakes falling from the sky 🙂


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