A Moving Painting

Our living room is my favorite room. Our soft and comfortable couch sits beside a huge window. A view to the breathtaking art show of nature. I could sit here for hours, just looking outside, admiring the ever changing beauty of the sky, the clouds, the colors – it is a show like no other. Let me try to depict the wondrous scene I had the joy of seeing one fine evening…

The sunlight streams through the clouds in glowing golden rays. The camera would not capture the beauty; it would be unable to do it justice. The clouds are in varying tones of light gray and white, with holes of blue pecking through. Some of them glow with a golden hue, where the last evening rays pierce through or simply glow behind the clouds. It is like a moving painting. The clouds slowly, but surely drift, change shape, the sun continues to descend. The bare trees are outlined perfectly against the clouds. Nature certainly knows how to paint a pretty picture. I am thrilled to be lucky enough to see it and admire it. It is such a fleeting moment. But I have captured it. Not with my camera, perhaps not even with my words…I saw it; that was enough.

Moments later the sky has begun to clear. There is more blue and although the sun seems to have set, the cotton candy clouds glow with a pinkish, golden color. A group of ducks flies past, in perfect V formation. It is as if nature plans it all, with impeccable timing.

The sky is even clearer now and most of the clouds have lost their golden glow. Another fleeting moment gone by. I can’t wait for the next one…

I have it within minutes of writing that last line. I thought nature had finished giving me a spectacle for today, but how can something eternal ever finish? Moments after the clouds seemed to lose their final golden hue, they suddenly came alive with a fiery pink glow. The camera most definitely did not capture the richness of the color or the breathtaking beauty of the sky.

The sun has fully set now and the sky seems mostly clear. Still some clouds drift across the blue expanse and the branches dance against the darkening sky.

The moving painting continues. Forever changing, forever beautiful.

10 thoughts on “A Moving Painting

  1. This is beautiful, Dounia. There’s a little story I like: a wise man gives his disciple a fish and tells him to return the next day. ‘So tell me about this fish’, the wise man asks the next day. ‘Well, it’s just a fish’, the disciple replies. ‘Go back and return tomorrow,’ orders the wise man. The next day, the wise man again asks his disciple ‘Tell me about this fish.’ ‘It’s just a fish!’ the disciple replies again. So the wise man sends him away again. Finally after five days of this, the two meet one morning and the wise man asks his disciple the same question. ‘Oh master, there is so much to see in that fish! if I spent my life studying that fish, I could not describe it! It will take my whole life to just start to appreciate its wonder.’ the disciple exclaims. How many of us ever take the time to study the fish? No wonder we lose our sense of wonder!


    1. How I’ve missed your comments, Anne! There’s always a story, or a memory in them, and I just love that 🙂 This one is no exception – I love this story and how true that we seem to lose our sense of wonder and overlook the simple beauty in life. I try to remember to notice all the little things that I’m lucky to see and have around me, because there really is so much to see and there’s so much wonder around us!


    1. Thank you so much for your kind comment, and for following my blog. I really appreciate it, and I also really enjoyed seeing your beautiful photos!


    1. Thank you so much, I really appreciate your kind comment 🙂 I’m very happy that you enjoyed it and that I was able to portray the beauty I was seeing.


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