Good Thing Thanksgiving is Over…

I have the wonderful entertainment factor of having these wild turkeys strutting around through autumn and winter. We usually see them more in the autumn, but I guess our relatively mild winter has kept them around. Don’t be fooled by the snow on the ground – it melted almost as fast as it fell down.

I’ve been trying to capture these guys on camera for a while now and I finally got my chance a few days ago. Everytime I had my camera with me, they were nowhere to be found, and everytime I saw them, my camera was nowhere near me. But they couldn’t elude me forever, and here are some of the shots I took – hope you enjoy!


12 thoughts on “Good Thing Thanksgiving is Over…

  1. I am impressed! We see turkeys here in our backyard every year and I will manage to sneak outside with my camera only long enough for them to scurry away. Once I was driving my daughter to preK and a bunch of turkeys were crossing the road. Some of them actually jumped off a little hill and FLEW across the road because they were so startled by our car. I never thought I’d see a flying turkey in my life!


    1. Oh, that’s too funny! 😀 The first time I ever saw them, they were on our roof. It’s not high, but still. The roof?? I didn’t even know turkeys flew, but they got up there somehow, and I don’t think they climbed up…

      When I finally managed to capture them last week, it was actually early morning – around 7:30 am, and even though I’d just gotten up and was hardly awake, I couldn’t pass up the chance to take the pictures, as they were right under my window! I knew that if I didn’t take the pictures then, I would regret it, as they would find ways to elude me once again…

      I always love reading your comments, Darla, and I am most pleased that you’re impressed! 🙂


      1. I know, crazy to think such a large bird could fly! But they did and they did it very well. They were several feet off the ground so i could see them managing to make it to a roof if they really wanted to get up there. Ha!


  2. We have turkeys here in NH too and they’re great entertainment. I’ve had them come right up on the deck to eat fallen bird seed. Love your photos, thanks for sharing!! 🙂


    1. They really are great entertainment (except when they all start chit-chatting very loudly at 5 in the morning right outside the bedroom window!!) 😛 Thanks for your comment, I’m glad you enjoyed them! 🙂


  3. Great photos- and how impressive that you managed to get them! I am with you about the ‘never having the camera at the same time as the item to photograph’ situation, especially with wildlife. I’ve never seen wild turkeys!
    Sorry about the long time without replies but it’s been a busy start to 2012, with all of us being sick and struggling to keep up! All better now finally!
    And THANK you for your lovely card! I still have a few days to send my ‘voeux de 20120’ but by the time the card crosses the Atlantic it may already be February: apologies in advance for the lateness!


    1. Thank you! It’s so lovely to have a comment from you again 😀 I had never seen wild turkeys before until we moved here – imagine my surprise the first time I saw them!! It was very strange at first…but then you get used to them, and they amuse me so much 🙂

      Please don’t apologize about the delay – I hope you are all feeling better! We’ve been a little up and down healthwise as well, since christmas, and I wonder if it isn’t the funny weather (here it goes from -15c back up to 11c in the span of 48hrs…very strange winter weather!).

      You’re most welcome for the card; sorry it was sent to school, but I realized a little late that I didn’t have your home address! And happy new year to you and your lovely family – it’s still January, so I’m still good to say it 🙂


    1. Thanks for your kind comment and for following! I really appreciate it, and I’m happy you liked the pictures (it was fun to finally capture them on camera!) 🙂


  4. Haha these photos are great, how cool that you have wild turkeys roaming around like that! They are so perfectly shaped I’d like to scoop one up under my arm and keep it as a pet (I could never eat it though, I’d want to name it and make it part of the family!)


    1. I love your plan to incorporate the turkey into your family! 😀 They’re definitely entertaining to have around, but it was a big surprise when we first moved here! Thanks for your comment, and for following – I hope to hear from you again!


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