Holiday Cheer

It’s been a day of lovely and uplifting encounters that have put a big smile on my face. Ok, so there were only 2 encounters, but they were unexpected and most welcome.

This evening I returned from Whole Foods with fruits, poultry, beautiful poinsettias and a light-hearted mood. I had the 2 kindest and happiest people at the register. I was greeted with such a bright and genuine smile and attitude that was absolutely refreshing after dealing with seemingly cranky and rushed shoppers. I always wonder why everyone seems to be always scowling and unable to smile or say excuse me or thank you. The ones who do seem to be the rare exception. So when I arrived at the register and had not one, but 2 smiling faces and kind, light-hearted banter, it definitely put me in an even better mood. An earlier encounter had already set the tone for the day, and this was just another wonderful and welcome surprise in my day. The first encounter was more of an observation rather than an exchange, so I suppose they complemented each other; either way, they both kept my spirits high today.

The first ‘episode’ of the day happened when I was in the post office, to get stamps for my christmas letters. As it is the holiday season, there were quite a few people there, with cards and packages to send to surprise family and friends.

But one man stood out. He came in a minute or so after me, and he was behind me in line. An old man, with gray hair, a slightly stooped back, but a very steady walk. He had a box with many envelopes, all of which were sealed, so I assume they must have been christmas cards. There must have been easily 50 envelopes in there, all lined up perfectly and without a single crease in any of the seals. I was as impressed by the amount as I was by how tidy it looked. But that’s not what has caused me to write about him. As he stood there in line behind me, in a busy post office, he was humming and singing. He was singing bits and pieces of christmas songs. It was so unexpected, and so lovely. He kept singing the entire time, even when he was in front of the register. He brought such a smile to my face, and it was so uplifting, because it was so simple, so carefree and so joyous.

How often do people do that? He just seemed happy. Happy to be enjoying life, perhaps; happy that it’s the holiday season; or maybe he was just happy, for no particular reason. And why not? We should be happy just like that, but it seems like people forget that. Everyone else in the post office seemed so serious, rushed, busy, as if there was no time to smile or sing. Such a shame. I think the world would be a much nicer place if people took the time to smile, to sing, to just enjoy life and all the joy we’re so lucky to have.

They all reminded me of what holiday cheer is, what christmas is, and how to enjoy every moment we have. We’re lucky to be here, lucky to have the people we love and who love us, no matter how near or far they are. There are so many reasons to be happy, so let’s not forget them. Laugh as much as you can, smile as many times as possible, sing no matter where you are. Everything is better with laughter, smiles and singing.

Happy holidays – I hope they’re full of love, laughter and singing!


6 thoughts on “Holiday Cheer

  1. How lovely 🙂 I love encounters like these, and they don’t happen often, I have to say, at least not in London. Must be a city thing. But people get more and more friendlier the further out of London I go haha x


    1. Thanks for your comment, Sarah 🙂 I definitely love encounters like these too, but unfortunately there are really too few of them. Although I think you have a point about it being a city thing…I guess people are just more relaxed and in better moods outside of big cities?? Here’s to hoping we’ll have more encounters like these in 2012! 🙂


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