Kickboxing and Iced Coffee (ok, ok, ‘Frappucino’)

For those who know me well, part of that title will make sense and the other part, not at all. I love kickboxing. I just started a few months ago, but I love it. Coffee, not so much. Not until a few weeks ago. What I’m about to say will sound very American, and so unlike me; clearly I am adapting better these days. A few weeks ago, I tasted a Java Chip Frappucino from Starbucks. Just writing that I feel like I should be on one of those reality TV shows, don’t ask why, I just do. But I digress. Back to the Java Chip Frappucino. I originally ordered it by mistake, and only realized once they were making it that I had asked for the wrong one, since this one has coffee. I know, that would seem obvious by the “Java” part, but I didn’t really think this through while ordering. My mistake. But I took it, and said I would taste it to see what I thought. I figured that either it couldn’t be that bad (I do love tiramisu, after all, which has coffee and chocolate), or that my husband would drink it if it really was that bad, since he doesn’t mind coffee. Lo and behold, I loved it. Not only did I love it, I’ve actually had cravings for it since then. Which, trust me, is very weird for me, since I’ve NEVER liked coffee, in any way, shape or form. Which brings me back to my title and kickboxing.

So, what does my Java Chip Frappucino have to do with kickboxing? Well, my kickboxing instructor recently had to change location, and has been closed for 2 weeks. She re-opened last Friday, but due to certain circumstances (mostly dental ones), I couldn’t make it back until today. And I was super excited about finally getting back to kickboxing! So I was pumped up and ready to kick some butt, or some bag, rather. Off I went to kickboxing, and to make up for our late start, she just made the workout more intense. But that made it all the more worth it to have finally gotten back into it. I loved it. Yes, more than I love the Java Chip Frappucino (can you tell I love writing the name though?). And still, you must be wondering what that frappucino has to do with kickboxing. Here’s what. After kickboxing, and some mingling before heading home, I had a longing for an ice cold drink (I get warm easily and sweat a lot, I’m sure you were dying to know that). And what better drink than a frappucino? Especially one with coffee. It’s cold, with crushed ice, energy from the caffeine, and let’s be honest, it just tastes good. Now, not only am I not a coffee person, I’m not at all a regular Starbucks person either. Occasionally I’ll go for a hot chocolate or a chocolate frappucino, but it’s actually quite rare. Ok, and I also know that there a lot of better drinks than a frappucino, especially when you want something ice cold after sport. But in my defense, I mostly drink only water (a lot of it!) and very rarely drink frappucinos, so it was a special treat today.

Kick butt, then cool off. Lovely.

The point is though, that it was a really nice way to start my day, and it shows yet again that we can truly adapt to any place. It might seem silly that it’s getting my frappucino today that makes me note that, but it’s not just that. There were a lot of things I did this morning that I never did before moving here, and that I didn’t imagine myself doing. I drove to kickboxing. I didn’t drive before we got here. That in itself is a huge feat for me and a great source of pride. I’m doing kickboxing. Never did that before, and it feels awesome. I’m meeting more people, chatting with them more often; that’s a huge part of settling in and feeling more at home. And yes, I got that frappucino. But I didn’t go through the drive-through. That’s still a bit much for me. I parked the car (getting better and better at that! At least front-parking…rear-parking, not so much yet), locked it, of course, walked to Starbucks and bought my drink inside. Not a big fan of drive-throughs; it’s not that difficult to park the car and get out. Oh, and it’s often faster too. Try it and pay attention, you’ll see.

It may seem like a strange topic to blog about, and that it doesn’t have much to do with being a third culture kid, but it actually has a lot to do with that. It goes hand in hand with my last entry, about settling in and feeling at home. I’m feeling more at home with every passing day, and it feels good. I’m excited about our home and about what the future has in store. Oh, and I’m definitely looking forward to more kickboxing and Java Chip Frappucinos.


8 thoughts on “Kickboxing and Iced Coffee (ok, ok, ‘Frappucino’)

  1. I’m so glad you are adjusting more and more – that’s so great! I definitely did zero driving overseas because we had public transportation so I remember those weird feelings of having to learn to drive a car as an adult. And YES! I so agree! Going inside instead of through the drive-thru is SO much faster! I nearly always beat the people who are in line waiting outside. 🙂


    1. Thanks for your comments, it’s always nice to hear from someone on my blog! 🙂 It’s definitely been an interesting learning process with driving, but I’m enjoying it more and more, which is great! And I’m glad you agree about going inside instead of drive-through – sometimes I see a huge queue outside and almost no one inside, and I wonder why people just insist on using the drive-through! Looking forward to hearing from you again, and to following your blog as well! 🙂


  2. Hahaha. I really enjoyed reading this post. What exactly is a 3rd culture kid? You have parents from different countries or you’re living in another culture? And when I was living abroad, Starbucks was my guilty pleasure. My favorite ritual was to get dan bing (egg pancake type b-fast food), get my non-fat vanilla latte from Starbucks and sit at my favorite bench, which was off the path of the beautiful West Lake in Hangzhou. It was always so peaceful. Those were some of my best moments in China, so if java mocha frappicinos (or whatever it is) is your thing after kickboxing, go for it!


    1. Thanks for your comment, definitely made me smile! I’m happy you enjoyed reading! 🙂

      A third culture kid is someone who has spent most/all of their life (or at least their formative years) moving around and living in different countries. The 3 cultures come from your parents’ nationality (1), the mix of all the cultures you’ve lived in (2), and the special ‘3rd’ culture which is the culture of the shared experience/lifestyle all TCKs have. There’s no single set definition and it’s definitely a complex concept to explain, but one of my entries might explain that better:
      I hope that can help make some more sense of it!

      How long were you in China? I’ve never been, but I imagine it must be a fascinating country.

      Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll definitely be checking out your blog too!


      1. Thanks for your detailed reply, TCK! I hope my kids can be TCK’s one day as well. I was in China 3 years and also lived in Spain during college, but I’m American and have lived in the States most of my life. I just read your “About” page–5 languages and married to your high school sweetheart. That’s great! I’m learning my 4th: Arabic. The writing in itself is already pretty complicated, but I’ll get there. Look forward to reading more of your adventures!


        1. You’re welcome! And you seem to be a type of TCK too, since there’s no one definition for them 🙂 Good luck with learning Arabic – I’ve never learned to read or write it; I would love to, but have never really gotten around to it. It’s a really complex language/writing, so my hat’s off to you for learning it, that’s awesome! Thanks for all your comments, I’m definitely looking forward to hearing from you in the future!


  3. Kickboxing! Dounia, you will never cease to surprise me.
    There are so many things I want to respond to from this post, but time is limited…
    First: Congratulations on the driving! Stick with it, after a while it becomes a pleasure and gives you such a sense of freedom.
    Second: life in the US sounds so easy- easy to drive around, easy to park, easy to join clubs. So nice!
    Third: Joining a group, developing new routines and traditions; I think those are great ways to adjust to a new life. I also find that having kids, if you go down that route, is a terrific way to meet people- I have made so many friends thanks to my boys!
    Your blog makes me want to move to a new country and do all that adjusting and settling in! I’ve been in Paris 12 year now, the longest I’ve EVER spent anywhere. Lots happened: marriage, children, buying a home, my husband’s unemployment, his MBA and new job (first day TODAY!). In some ways i’m ready for a move but I also like the safety and stability of my life now. We’ll see what happens….
    Off to grade the 12 grade IB Bio questions- remember how fun those were?
    Your TCK Paris corresspondent, signing off!


    1. My dear TCK Paris correspondent, getting a comment from you is like having a visit from a best friend – your comments never fail to get a huge smile on my face! Thank you for your enthusiasm but also for your support and kind comments!

      Kickboxing came as a surprise to me too. But I just love it! And it is a great way to meet people and have some company, which is really nice. Driving was a really really tough challenge to overcome…but I’m actually enjoying it very much now (still have lots to learn, but I’m ready for it!).
      The adjusting and settling in has its ups and downs, like everything I guess. The longest time I ever spent anywhere was Paris too (10-11 years; I believe we arrived the same year, as I walked into a new school and met my chemistry, and later bio teacher, for the first time;) ), so this is a big change, but it’s exciting for sure. You’ve been busy in your 12 years, so at least it wasn’t too monotonous 🙂 Congratulations to your husband, I really hope he enjoys his new job! As for the ‘fight’ of stability vs change, it’s a tough one. We’re used to change and sometimes we get itchy feet, needing that change…but the safety and stability feels good too. Guess we’ll just have to take everything in its stride, like we always have! Loving all your comments and looking forward to your next one Paris correspondent!

      p.s. I actually miss those IB bio questions, really! But I miss my bio teacher more 😉 Good luck with the grading!


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